Reality Celeb Update-Elka Walker from Real World Boston!

05 Apr

If you’re a reformed MTVReal World junkie like me, you probably wonder from time to time “Whatever

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happened to _________ (insert dozens of cast members who haven’t appeared on MTV’s The Challenge, The Guantlet, etc.)”  My fervor for the proclaimed “first reality show” died down in recent years.  The formula of hot tub + booze + sex = ratings, just wasn’t working for me.  I still recall the days when it seemed Eric and Julie from the very first Real World New York City might start a relationship.  And I remember contemplating what I would tell Puck from the Real World San Francisco if he ever stuck his snotty finger in my peanut butter.  And from time to time, my mind wandered to thoughts of the virginal Texan, Elka Walker, from the 1997 Real World Boston.  Elka was the sympathetic favorite in the Boston cast-she’d lost her mother to cancer only a short time before filming began.  The devout Catholic made a vow of celibacy until she was married way before Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears tried to make it cool.  Remember her older, hot, Irish boyfriend, Walter, who she was saving herself for?  Whatever happened to dear, sweet Elka?  She did participate in the Gauntlet and Battle of the Seasons in the early 2000’s but she hasn’t been seen since…until now.

Original cast photo of Elka Walker from 1997 Real World Boston. Courtesy MTV.

Being the Pop Culture guru that I am, it’s not surprising that last August while on vacation in Santa Monica, California, I was able to spot Elka in the crowded, dimly lit, “Gaslite” karaoke lounge.  Crazy you say?  Well, I did spot Bobby Zarin of Real Housewives of New York City from behind in a dark Club XS in Las Vegas.  Yes-from behind.  I guess you could say I’ve got great vision and mad pop culture recall powers.  Back to Elka, when I pointed out the former Real Worlder to my friends, none of us were certain it was her, that is, until she was called up to karaoke.  Once she answered to the name “Elka” there was no mistaking I had hit Pop Culture gold.  No one in my group wanted to approach Elka-it just seemed rude I guess.  I mean, she hasn’t been in the spotlight for nearly ten years.  She was just out with some friends trying to do her karaoke thing.  So, one of my friends decided to pull a paparazzi move and take her picture while appearing to take a picture of some of our friends slow-dancing.  That picture is below.  Still not sure if Elka and Walter ever made it to the alter but it does look like she is doing hair and make-up for a few short films, according to her imdb profile.

Elka Walker, far right, at Gaslite karaoke lounge in Santa Monica, CA.

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5 responses to “Reality Celeb Update-Elka Walker from Real World Boston!

  1. Jennifer

    June 11, 2011 at 6:35 pm

    She did marry Walter, but now they’re divorced.

  2. Max

    February 14, 2012 at 7:40 am

    She’s now the human resource manager at Shutter’s on the Beach in Santa Monica.


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